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Biochar field trials in the UK

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Research Council and Interreg EU project

Field trials are important in order to begin to develop and improve the evidence-base for the agronomic impacts of biochar in different types of agricultural systems, in the UK and elsewhere.  Starting in 2009 and 2010, UKBRC has been working with four farms in Scotland and England (arable and horticultural), applying differential rates of charcoal fines, under different application conditions, and so on.  We intend to continue developing this work and utilising prescribed biochar that UKBRC will be producing over the next several years.  There will be particular value in sourcing and utilising material that is available at reasonable cost to farmers and land-owners and acceptable in sustainability terms. Developing longer-term data sets on the performance of biochar is vital in order to assess the agronomic and economic benefit of biochar in particular agricultural situations.  


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